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We are introducing Friends of Free Speech - FSU SA’s Membership Programme.

Anyone who donates to the FSU SA, whatever the amount, will be entitled to:

  • A periodic newsletter updating you about what we’ve done or are going to do or just anything that’s particularly interesting;
  • Advice on any issue relating to free speech that you or your company or your family may be       dealing with.

Anyone who donates R1000,00 up to R5000,00 per annum will, in addition, be entitled to:

  • A presentation/webinar for up to 6 people; and

Anyone who donates more than R5000,00 per annum will be entitled to:

  • An in-person briefing, presentation or consultation.

Note: we are undertaking the establishment of a litigation fund, hoping to be able to offer this service in the near future.

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