Haidt resigns in protest over ideological capture
Sep 29, 2022

NYU professor and leading social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has resigned from his professional body due to the new requirement that members must include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and anti-racism commitments if they want to present research at any conference. Haidt is a leader in the anti-woke movement.

Letter to the Western Cape Education Department on social justice
Sep 07, 2022

FSU SA addressed a letter to the WCED cautioning the department about the manner in which allegations at schools are being handled. FSU SA also urged the department to be critical about the appointment of consultants to help schools manage these issues.

Article: Walkout at Milton Academy
Aug 11, 2022

When high-school students can’t tolerate hearing the name of a book title, we know there’s a problem in education. Although this is an American occurrence, South Africa is heading this way.

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