Be careful when censoring speech
Mar 20, 2023

‘To tamper with the author’s words because of the sensibilities of present-day readers is unacceptable.  The minute you do this Huckleberry Finn stops being the book that Twain wrote' - Peter Messent of the University of Nottingham. The same applies to any modern day author whose words are tampered with by sensitivity readers.

In conversation: FSU International
Jan 24, 2023

Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union UK was joined by Sara Gon, Director of the FSU South Africa and Jonathan Ayling, Chief Executive of the FSU New Zealand to discuss a wide range of topics including how free speech is curtailed in the media, the importance of hearing contrary opinions and the commonalities experienced by our respective organisations.

Not seeing colour is not racist
Jan 10, 2023

The woke insist that 'I don't see colour' or 'I am colourblind' are actually expressions of racism in that you ignore a fundamental feature of a person. We don't agree. We believe they are positive terms that merely reflect that a person's colour is not the basis upon which a person is judged.

The Reith Lectures - The Four Freedoms: 1. Freedom of Speech
Dec 15, 2022

Best-selling Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gives the first of four 2022 Reith Lectures discussing freedom of speech. This lecture and question-and-answer session is recorded in London in front of an audience and presented by Anita Anand. The year's series was inspired by President Franklin D Roosevelt's four freedoms speech of 1941 and asks what this terrain means now? It features four different lecturers. In addition to Chimamanda, they are: Freedom of Worship by Rowan Williams Freedom from Want by Darren McGarvey Freedom from Fear by Fiona Hill

How woke language distorts the world
Nov 21, 2022

Peter Boghossian writes on how the woke use ordinary words and fills them with new ideological context. So words with a set meaning come to mean something else entirely - an ordinary meaning and then an activist meaning.

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