'Problematic' words are being banned from the English language. Struth!

In an interview on Spectator TV author Lionel Shriver talks about the war on words by academia. She describes it in an article as 'the linguistic pigeon shooting'.

Listen to this interview to get a sense of how bizarre this assault on the English language is. Lionel Shriver has appropriately ridiculed the ‘wholesale lingual slaughter’ of the English by the woke.

There just maybe the possibility that the increasing idiocy of banning the English language may lead to the demise of wokeness, because there’ll be nothing left for them to say.

Banning words like “field work” for connoting slavery and using “practicum” instead demands a flight of imagination that most of us don’t have.  One is not allowed to use, for obvious reasons, “ballsy”, “seminal”, “lame”, “peanut gallery”, “killing two birds with one stone” and so on.

Listen to this interview for a trip into the dark side, although I suspect 'dark' will be on the hit list soon (as will 'hit list')


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