SABC won’t flight DA’s “burning flag” ad: Whose public broadcaster is it, anyway?
May 20, 2024

The DA advert, depicting a burning flag, has seen moral outrage over the 'desecration' of a national symbol. The SABC refuses to flight it. Not only was it not a real flag, but free speech means being able to do anything (not just say anything). FSU SA argues that it is up to the public to comment on the issue, not the public broadcaster.

The “burning flag” ad, or, much ado about nothing
May 14, 2024

The has been much 'outrage' at the DA's 'burning flag' advert. It's critical of the ANC, the EFF and MK. And so it should be. The South African flag is a symbol of South Africa. It is not a human being. It is not a religious icon. If a curated burning of it symbolises what the ANC et al have and are doing to the country, that's pretty symbolic. Free speech recognises that. Have no fear, it gets restored to its full glory.

UCT Alumni, vote to promote the principles of liberty on the UCT Council!
Apr 18, 2024

Elections for UCT's Council are open until 23 April 2024. There are 4 nominees who stand for the principles of liberty, most importantly free speech and association. Such principles are foundational to any university currently, and the past decade has seen a whittling down of these crucial, unassailable principles. UCT Alumni, vote now!

The common law crime of defamation has been abolished!
Apr 10, 2024

South Africa has followed a trend in the democratic world to repeal the common law crime of defamation. Governments and leaders can use it to punish criticism and insults. But, is the government banking on the Hate Speech Bill to do some of the work of criminal defamation?

A frightening blow to science and free speech
Feb 25, 2024

A climate scientist sued a layman for defamation claiming that he had damaged his career and reputation with his articles mocking his scientific claims. The scientist won and, according to Andrew Kenny, that he did was a miscarriage of justice.

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